Friday, January 27, 2012

Solar Oven - Cooking first Meal

We finally cooked our first meal in the Solar Oven, and this was very successful.

As the weather improved finally, we decided to cook a stew, which we put into our cast iron lidded casserole dish. The oven didn't take too long to heat up, and by 9.45 a.m. we put the casserole into the oven box, and left it to stew away, and turning the box approximately every hour to follow the sun. By midday we decided to take a quick look and raised the lid of the dish to check, and low and behold the food was bubbling away nicely.

The temperature inside the oven reached about 120 c according to our gauge, so didn't think that was hot enough to cook the meal. By 5.45 p.m. we took it out of the oven and found it had cooked to perfection.

This turned out to be a very inexpensive meal as although we had bought the meat, the onion, carrots, beans and new potatoes were out of our garden, and parsnips from Sheila's garden, and bay leaf from Bobbie's garden.

We must do this more often, as big power saving to be had here. Could try baking perhaps!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Greenest Street Winners 2011 Donations to Schools and Charities

We are pleased to report that all donations have been made to the following schools and charities from the $3,000 which we won by being the Kapiti Coast Greenest Street Winners 2011.

The other charities we gave money to but do not have photographs for are Arohanui Hospice, Palmerston North, Friends of the otaki River, Riding for the Disabled, and Speld Mana.

We had an enjoyable time delivering the donations to the various recipients. It was lovely meeting all these nice people, and they were surprised and thrilled to get funds for their various projects.

Ian King Fire Chief Otaki Volunteer Fire Brigade

Shelly Assistant Principal Waitohu School

Robyn Bruce Otaki Montessori

Karen McAviney Principal Otaki Health Camp

John Kane Principal Otaki College

Georgie Neuf Otaki St. Johns

Craig Vidulich Principal Te Horo School

Hangi at the Frasers

On the 13th December the residents of our street had an enjoyable evening at Monica's and Andy house, where we all enjoyed the Hangi organized by Andy.

This was our last official dinner to celebrate our Green Street accomplishments of the last year.

First we were asked to supply and help prepare the vegies earlier in the day, and to also supply meat of our choice, and something for a dessert.

The food turned out to be delicious, and it was cozy sitting around the outdoor fire, as it turned out a bit chilly that night.

Peter, our Co-ordinator, was presented with his Mayoral Chain, as our unofficial Mayor of our Street.

So lots of laughs, and of course lots of drinks, and the beauty of being able to walk home safely with no need for the car.

Fire to keep us warm, and for the boys to cook marshmallows

Andy with the cooked chickens

Hangi ready to eat

Pre-dinner drinks

Peter, the unofficial Mayor of the Street, receiving his Mayoral Chain