Sunday, May 29, 2011

Further to The Ceiling Insulation by Bobbie & David

We now have our ceiling insulated with the sustainable Knauf Insulation's EarthWool. (see previous blog dated 8th May).

This insulation is unlike Batts as the insulation arrives in a long roll and is unrolled in the ceiling like you would roll out a carpet. This completely covers all the joists, creating a nice snug fit.

In the short time since it has been installed we have noticed that the house is much warmer, and we haven't needed to put the heater on in the morning at all, which is something we usually have to do, as everyone knows we are now finding it a bit on the nippy side night and mornings now.

We do thoroughly recommend other people in the street consider having it installed in their homes, if theirs is getting a bit old, or they don't have any installed, and of course it is made easier with the Government's excellent subsidy off the cost.

All in all we are more than satisfied that we had made the right choice on this insulation, and we should find that we save on electricity also.

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