Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More on our Winter Firewood Blog by Denis

Of all the households taking part in Te Roto Rds entry into the Kapiti Coast Councils " Greenest Street Competition", seven use some form of modern high efficiency wood burner.

Some of the larger properties are virtually self sufficient in providing enough firewood from pruning of exotic and native tree during the summer months to last thru the following winter. However in view of the protracted and cold winter of 2010 most households store of firewood had dwindled to low levels.

It was decided to order one very large bulk delivery and see what sort of discount we could negotiate with various suppliers in the Kapiti region. Campbell was able to negotiate a significant discount on our behalf with a supplier in Paraparaumu.

Twenty nine cubic meters ( 29 cu/m ) of dry split pine was duly delivered to one of Campbells paddocks in one trip, by a very large dump truck. We then delivered each households allocated supply by flatdeck ute fitted with a tempory 3 cu/m wire cage. Each delivery was stacked for further drying before winter set in.

The Results:
Each household received a good supply of dry stacked firewood for winter at a significantly discounted price.

Using the EECA energywise pamphlet on " Heating Options for Homes " as a guide,
the use of a modern woodburner for home heating is good for the enviroment, as it produces very little pollution and uses a renewable energy source as a fuel.
Low running costs if cheap or free firewood is available.
The running cost comparisons chart in the pamphlet shows a modern woodburner running costs per ( kW/hr ) at around 10 to 11 cents with firewood priced at $80 per cubic metre.
Our price for wood was almost half this. So cost per ( kW/hr ) around 6 to 7 cents ! This compares favourably with a modern heat pump at 5 to 9 cents!

The enviromental impact ( CO2 emissions ) of the wood delivery, was minimised by the use of one large truck making one return trip from Paraparaumu to Otaki.
In comparison a medium sized truck delivering 3 or 4 cu/m to each property at a time would need to make seven return trips.


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