Saturday, May 7, 2011

Joy Darke's Visit to our Street

On the 4th May we had a visit from Joy Darke. She brought us a selection of shrubs and packets of seeds which was a lovely gesture. Bobby & David offered to hold this at their home, thank you Bobby & David. We had ten of our street members there.
Of the shrubs,Vicky has taken the Red Cherry Guava, Sheila the Chilean Guava, Andy the Coprosma Inferno, and Bobby the Rosemary Chefs Choice.
The packets of King seeds consisted of Hyacinth Bean Vine, Tomato Brandywine Blend, Phacelia Lacy, Melon Honey Dew Green, Bean Borlotto Fire Tongue, Lettuce Paris White Cos, and Sunflower Evening Sun
These varieties sound interesting and we look forward to sowing these in the appropriate seasons, and distributing seedlings to the members of the street. Not having sown these varieties before it will be interesting to see what they are like.
We enjoyed a morning tea with Joy, with lovely homemade cake and biscuits, and then she wandered around three of our gardens, which she seemed to enjoy. Thank you Joy for the shrubs and seeds, and we enjoyed your company.

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