Thursday, May 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Celebration

The Royal Wedding was a perfect excuse for a right royal celebration and what a night it was!  The idea was mooted at our last Limoncello evening and received a unanimous "YES".  We decided to keep it a local affair and invitations were sent to all Te Roto residents, local friends and neighbours, our Greenest Street friends at the Council and distinguished Judges.

Casting aside our Te Roto teeshirts for glam and glitz; gloves and feathers were removed from the mothballs, frocks and dinner suits were aired and pearls and bling were given centre stage.  I have to admit that I was gobsmacked by the transformation - having only seen most of my neighbours in gummies and jeans - gosh they scrubbed up well!!

The party was an absolute blast.  Everyone got into the spirit of things and we totally indulged in bubbles, fine food and fantastic company.  We have been partial to the odd social gathering, as you well know, but this was something special.  It really showed how much we have come together as a community since the Competition started.  I couldn't have wished for better company than my street buddies and throughout the night I caught snippets of conversation as we proudly told our wider neighbours about the Greenest Street Competition and what we had been up to.

In fact, this is a fairly common conversation anywhere I go and people are so interested in what we are doing and curious as to how to get started.
Back to the wedding - thank you to all my lovely neighbours for your generous plates of scrumptious food and most especially for your amazing company.  And thanks too for helping to clean up the next day - sorry I couldn't be there :-)

P.S. Oh, and the Wedding was delightful too - all those happy Royals, the beautiful bride and the handsome prince - wow wee! 

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