Sunday, February 6, 2011

Macadamia Nut Harvest

Sunday 16 January was designated as a Street Harvet Day.  It was our first organised project for 2011 and on the basis of "many hands make light work" the focus was on harvesting macadamia nuts and our seedling project.  The Street Mayor allocated the ladies to the Macadamia Harvest and the men to pot seedlings.

Fortunately we only had two trees to harvest but they were quite substantial and were laden with nuts.  So armed with gardening gloves, poles, loppers and a gardening ladder we set to work and quickly organised ourselves to the tasks.  We were helped along by the arrival of Terry who scampered up the tree and dealt to the higher nuts.  And with one tree harvested we downed tools for lunch.

This was, of course, a barbeque and the produce was mostly grown or reared in the street.  The Mayor took the opportunity to hold an informal meeting and then we rallied up more energy and harvested the second tree (men included this time!!)

I can report that we got 17.6kg of nuts from the first tree and 11.5kg from the second tree - dehusked, bagged and now drying - and these will be distributed in a few months' time. 

Thank you to all who helped!

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