Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ruth to the Rescue

I have a little problem with aphids on my lettuces.  I don't worry about them in the garden - hoping my companion planting will do the trick - but when I open my fridge door and aphids fly out, it does make me wonder just how vegetarian my salads are!

I don't like to use too much water in the rinsing process so was interested to read Ruth Pretty's advice in the DomPost a couple of weeks ago.  She said to add quarter of a teaspoon of white vinegar to the rinsing water.  So this weekend I put it to the test.

I had washed the lettuce as thoroughly as I usually do and just before pulling the plug I remembered the vinegar and gave it a go.  (And I just happen to have some because I bought it for making my own cleaning products.) Horror of horrors!  You would not believe how many aphids floated to the surface - and a slug.  Well that has me sold.  Thank you Ruth.  Now we really can enjoy vegetarian salads!!

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