Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wyeths Garden

Wyeths Garden January 2011. Having been given child sized shovel, rake and broom for Christmas obviously the logical progression was a garden for him.
Learning about gardens from a young age has got to be good !! And Mum needs to learn too !!
We planted beans, peas, carrots, corn and spinach. Looking good a month down the track but no luck on the spinach. Anyone know how long it takes to come up ???
Wyeth takes alot of interest and how its developing and cant wait for the corn - Yum Yum. With all the rain we are having, lack of watering on my part hasnt caused a problem - Yet !! haha

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  1. I buy Perpetual Spinach seedlings - the spinach constantly replenishes and I challenge anyone to eat more than 6 plants produce. Not even the rabbits can keep up!! Feel free to come and pick mine if you like :-)