Monday, March 21, 2011

Autumn Harvest Time

Here are pictures of some of what we have been growing in our garden over the Summer months. We are very pleased with the results this year. Although we have gardened for years, this particular garden is only about three years old.

Our Monty's Surprise, (anti-cancer) apple tree is only two years old. They mature in April, so we are very keen to try these large apples, and hopefully the birds don't get to them first. I think one apple stewed would be nearly enough for a pie.

The Aubergine, Butter Nut & Butter Cup pumpkins have grown well, the Butter Cup Pumpkin was delicious made into Soup. Must plant more of these next Spring. We also have ample supplies of the grey skinned pumpkin, which should see us through the Winter months.

We have grown Kamo Kamo Squash, (Maori Heritage plant), for the first time, and daughter and son-in-law have eaten two of them so far, and said they were delicious. We are yet to try one.

We also have a two year old Chilean Guava shrub, and find when they ripen the birds get them first. I think we will have to seriously think of covering this shrub, plus the blue berries which disappeared.

All our produce grown is shared with family and our neighbours.

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