Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Crush

Saturday morning, 5th February, saw a majority of our Street members gather at Andy Fraser’s for a “Bottle Crushing” exercise.
We've been collecting our glass bottles with a view to looking at other methods of recycling, instead of disposing of them in our street recycling bins.
Andy contacted Barry Lucinsky, a well known Kapiti Coast identity, who has been involved in “Keep NZ Beautiful”, and other worthwhile projects. Barry has a business, Silica Glass Crushers, and he readily agreed to attend with his equipment.
The small crusher took care of all the bottles easily reducing them to about a 5mm chip. The glass can be put through the machine again and again until eventually it's reduced to a finer consistency, almost like sand.
The end result is that this crushed glass is excellent for driveways, (the local café, uses this there is a local Café, The Winemaker's Daughter , whose driveway is laid with this product, and it looks excellent).

Our team had a lot of fun with this project and it created a good deal of interest.
Andy is currently using the crushed glass on his own driveway here.  We intend to keep up with this idea of recycling the bottles, and will continue to collect them up and continue with the process, and it is possible that Andy will eventually have a very colourful driveway.

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