Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hullo All

Following the aftermath of the disasterous Christchurch earthquake, followed by the two shakes in the Wellington region, it has prompted us to think "water storage". Hence a call to Sheila who suggested phoning the SoapBox Factory Shop, 62 Riverbank Road.
David shot down there this afternoon, and returned with two 20 litre water containers, for $15 each. They kindly fitted these with taps for a further $3. Jolly good value we thought, and alot cheaper than a tank on stand. We plan to end up getting four when we have organised space for them in our storeroom.
Thanks to Terena for listing emergency items necessary for an emergency kit. We do have a simple one but minus the spare batteries, and tinned food! On investigating have just found a couple of tins of Baked Beans. This is food for thought and we do feel that we should be better prepared for tomorrow.


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