Monday, March 14, 2011

Lesson on How to Make Pear & Date Chutney

Sheila kindly opened her home to show those not familiar to preserving, how it is done. We had a good turnout there with workers and onlookers.

While the recycled jars were sterilizing in the oven we proceeded to peal and chop up the pears, (collected the previous day from Sheila's pear tree, with the help of neighbour Heather), and other ingredients, and all was put in the preserving pan to cook. Once cooked, jars were filled and sealed, and satisfaction all round that a good job was done. We then ended up with coffee and nibbles, and a good old chat around the table.

A few days later we had a Street Meeting, with Ben & Richard from KCDC, and decided to have the street pickles and chutney tastings for Supper, along with cheese and bikkies of course.

Sheila, like myself, has been bottling and preserving her home grown goods for years, and not only is this satisfying, but economically it is a big money saver. I checked with the Supermarket and most jars of pickles etc cost between $4 to $5 a small jar.

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