Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sustainable Home & Garden Show, Paraparaumu, 26th/27th March

Well, after a couple of days of recuperating from our efforts at the Sustainable Home & Garden Show in Paraparaumu, it seems the right time to talk about our stand/show in the marquee, where the contestants in the KCDC “Greenest Street” Competition were on display for the public.

Our street had put in a concerted effort over the previous 3-4 weeks to assemble a display of what we have been achieving as part of the Competition. We presented photographs depicting our Glass Recycling idea showing how the bottles are ground down for use on driveways plus bottles of samples of the various grades. This display caught the interest of many people over the two days, as did our trays of Native Tree Seedlings which included 16 different varieties. We gave these seedlings away over the two days with a “Guess the Plant and you can have it” contest. Over 50 trees were given to community people this way, as well as pots of impatiens flowers donated by Watson’s Nursery, Otaki, where we buy our vegetable seedlings.

Our photograph display showed examples of our vegetable gardens, composting, our home grown pigs, the making of preserves. Our table display included eggs, apples, citrus, nuts, fresh herbs and vegetables, Monica’s delicious apple shortcake, which she supplied for the two days, tasting of preserves with crackers and cheese. The tasting was extremely popular and a total of 14 different varieties of pickles, and preserves were presented.
All of the produce on display was provided by members of our street. Including a huge pumpkin which was given away as part of a “Guess the Weight” contest. This was won by Monica from Neighbourhood Support, who was the closest to the correct weight of 5.65 kgs.
We met up with our other street competitors, who are very nice folk. Hopefully we encouraged other people to test their enviromental footprint, and consider entering the next Kapiti Coast “Greenest Street” Competition for next time.
We had a total of 16 of our Te Roto Road group who helped out over the two days, (wearing our new Te Roto Road teeshirts, thanks to Terena for organizing these), and all did a marvellous job answering enquiries, and explaining our effort to be the best “Self Sustaining” street.
Terena was our main “Chief of Operations”, and did a great job, along with much support from; Pat, Peter, Heather, Denis, Campbell, Jo, Sian, Bobbie, David, Sonya, Paul, Vicky, Monica, Andy, and Sheila. Many thanks to you all.
We finished off on the Sunday night where a majority enjoyed each other’s company at a dinner at the Red House CafĂ©, Te Horo. A great time was had by all.

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